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Refillable disposable vape

Refillable disposable vape

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Introducing our latest innovation, the Refillable disposable vape- a rechargeable disposable vape device capable of being refilled as many as 15 times.

This advancement presents a financially advantageous solution compared to standard refillable devices, while simultaneously offering a more eco-conscious choice in contrast to single-use disposable alternatives.

Key benefits

  • Mesh coil delivers a smooth taste with a delicious flavour
  • Refill up to 15 times
  • An environmentally conscious solution to disposable devices
  • More cost-effective than single-use disposables
  • Choose your favourite flavour of liquid
  • Perfectly paired with our CBD Vape Juice 

Product Overview

Our new Refillable Disposable Pen is a Refill bar device that can be refilled up to 15 times.

This provides not only a cost-effective alternative to traditional refillable devices, but also a more environmentally friendly option when compared to single-use disposable devices.

Product Contents

  • 1 x refillable device
  • 1 x USB C cable
  • 1 x User manual

Product Specification

  • 1Ω Mesh coil
  • 2ml capacity
  • 400 MAH battery
  • 3.6v constant voltage

Traditional Vape Pens vs Refillable Disposable Vape 

Opting for a refillable disposable vape device over traditional disposable vape devices can lead to significant savings and is a more eco-conscious choice. 

Refill bars allow users to purchase e-liquids in larger quantities, which are more cost-effective in the long run compared to the recurring costs of disposable vape kits.

This choice not only reduces the frequency of purchases but also minimises waste, aligning with environmentally friendly practices.

By refilling with a vape juice and reusing it, consumers contribute to less environmental waste, making refillable vape kits a preferred option for those mindful of both their budget and ecological impact.

Why choose Naturecan’s Refillable vape? 

Naturecan now has over 250,000 customers in 40 countries.We are proud to have over 20,000 reviews from satisfied customers between our review platforms.

You can read our reviews here:

Our mission is to help people live a pain-free, healthier and happier life & we hope to help you too.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Refillable vape FAQs

What is a rechargeable disposable?

Rechargeable disposables are a hybrid option that sits somewhere between a disposable device and a typical refillable.

They allow users to refill and recharge a device and reduce the waste usually associated with disposable devices.

How do disposable vape devices work?

Disposable vape kits work very much in the same way as a traditional refillable vape kit with all the same internal components.

However, disposables come prefilled with a specific flavour of e-liquid and are ready to use straight away. 

Our Refillable vape however enables users to vape their own favourite flavours with minimal set-up time.

Can I refill a disposable vape again when the liquid has run out?

Absolutely! Our Refillable vape devices can be refilled and reused up to 15 times without losing any of the flavour quality.

Once you reach this limit it is advised that you buy a new device as the coils become less effective and don’t enable the same superior flavour and taste that new coils do.

Can I recharge the battery?

100%! Unlike a traditional single-use throwaway device, the Refillable vape kit can keep being recharged using the USB C cable provided.

What flavours can I use?

Whatever your favourite flavour is! The beauty of this device is that you can add your own favourite flavours and are not bound to the prefilled flavour that disposables typically come with. 

How do I dispose of the device?

Local councils and vape kit stores have specific recycling options when it comes to vape kits. Don’t just throw them in your household waste. Dispose of them responsibly.

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